The Best Amenities You’ll Find in One-North Neighborhood

Thriving Business Hub

One-North is a quintessential neighborhood known for its central business district in Singapore. With several multinational companies stationed in the area, it’s no wonder that this avant-garde district is equally fast becoming popular among expats, students, and locals for more than just work-related reasons. However, the success of this neighborhood wasn’t achieved overnight. Its evolution from a development plot in 2001 to the established hub it is currently, took over two decades, thanks to a deliberate effort by Singapore’s Government to shift the island-state’s economy from overreliance on manufacturing to knowledge-based companies. This shift resulted in a purpose-built district that has the perfect footing for large-scale business and entrepreneurship.

Diverse Housing and Accommodation Options

One-North thrives as an ideal housing location for expatriates, students, and locals ready to explore and optimize their options with luxury and extensive amenities in an urban oasis. This versatile residential area features housing tailored to people’s financial needs and preferences. From affluent studios to comfortable condos and serviced apartments, One-North is sure to satisfy every living preference. Whether you choose to stay in a solo apartment or with a family, its diversity provides options for everyone. Accommodation options within this neighborhood guarantee a stress-free and fun-filled experience in Singapore’s vibrant city.

Transportation Convenience

If you’re like most people who want convenience, you’ll be happy to know that One-North is well-connected. It’s only a few minutes from the central business district and the rest of the city by personal car, public transportation, or bicycle. One-North’s location within Singapore’s strategic transit system provides efficient transportation options for both local and international travels. Singapore’s rapid transit system connects the neighborhoods via subways, buses, and taxis. Additionally, One-North offers bike-sharing, e-scooter sharing, and e-bicycles as excellent ways to navigate the neighborhood. With all these options available, you’ll quickly explore this neighborhood.

Lively Social Scene

One-North is an ideal place for nightlife and social activities. It hosts some of the best and well-established bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, and entertainment spots in Singapore. It’s a perfect place to relax, mingle and meet new people as it vibrates with well-educated and intellectual individuals making the district a melting pot of different nationalities. This neighborhood is boosted by Fusionopolis, One North Gateway, and Biopolis, which are all natural epicenters with their shopping centers that allow ready access to modern recreational facilities, entertainment joints, and outdoors relaxation spots.

Cultural Enrichment

One-North seeks to enrich your cultural experience while elevating your social life. Its industrious business hub is filled with a diverse community of intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and business people alike. You’ll meet people from various parts of the world, engage multiple cultures and enhance your worldview. You’ll find it hard to compare another district that caters to cultural needs in the same way as One-North Neighborhood.


If you’re looking for a prime location to live or start your business, look no further than One-North Neighborhood. The district has multiple business resources, transportation services, urban housing options, lively social scenes, and cultural amusement a few steps from your doorstep. The neighborhood offers a conducive and relaxing environment that’s fit for work and play. By exploring all the amenities One-North has to offer, you’ll discover that relocating here will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Discover additional information and new viewpoints on the subject by checking out this external resource we’ve chosen for you. Explore this informative material, enrich your understanding of the topic discussed in the article.

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