The Power of Family Approval in South Asian Marriages

The Influence of Parents and Elders

In South Asian culture, family is highly valued, and so their approval means the world to those seeking marriage. Annual family gatherings, whether it is a religious festival or celebrating a relative’s significant moment, present opportunities for young adults to announce their intention of finding a partner. In general, parents and elders play significant roles in deciding who the young adult should marry. Typically, they are given the task of finding the perfect spouse for their children and to arrange the marriage as well. However, changes are being seen among today’s young South Asians living in the West, where they are more open to finding their partners themselves and getting the approval of their family after the fact. Broaden your knowledge of the subject covered in this article by visiting the suggested external website. Desi Dating, uncover worthwhile knowledge and new viewpoints to improve your comprehension of the subject.

The Power of Family Approval in South Asian Marriages 2

The Importance of Compatibility and Families Building Relationships Together

Family approval signifies the acceptance of two clans joining together. Compatibility is a must-have in any successful marriage. Still, when a couple decides to marry, it involves two families who must build a truthful and respectful relationship with one another. That is why family approval before any marriage is essential, as it will bring the two families together and cultivate an excellent relationship from the beginning. Everyone knows that once two families get along well, there will always be greater respect and understanding, leading to a successful, happy, and long-lasting marriage.

Challenges with Family Approval

Despite the importance of family approval in South Asian marriages, achieving it can be challenging for young couples. Traditionally, it is easier for men to gain approval, but not always so for women. The familial pressure to marry within the same ethnic group, religion, caste, or socioeconomic class can add to this challenge. Besides, if either family suspects a tinge of something that will go against their customs, traditions, or cultural beliefs, obtaining familial permission to marry can be hard. Some parents even believe that a love marriage can result in a miserable union, so using psycho-social manipulation tactics to encourage an arranged marriage is still a common practice.

Changing Attitudes in the West

However, with lives and cultures changing with each generation, so has the attitudes towards marriage. With the internet and social media breaking down barriers worldwide, it has brought about changes in attitudes towards dating or partnering with someone from another culture or religion. South Asian children living in Western countries are generally more liberal and open-minded, and it has become usual to date someone before marriage. Pre-marital relationships used to be a taboo and frowned upon, but dating has now become more acceptable with Hollywood celebrating it even in its movies, indirectly influencing South Asian youth also. As such, the dating period allows the couple to get to know each other better, to explore and experience life together. This closeness helps build trust, feelings, and respect for each other, leading to a happy marriage.


In conclusion, although traditions are very tough to disappear, modern society brings with it changes that conflict with traditional norms. Therefore, it is essential that the older generation understands that their children are part of a new world, bringing with them different beliefs, experiences, and values. Understanding this will lead to greater openness and acceptance between generations. When families approve of the matrimonial choices their children make, it signifies strong family unification, trust, and respect, making the new couple feel secure and valued. Family approval in South Asian marriages is crucial and remains an essential part of the union and a cherished tradition that must continue in modern times. To learn more about the topic, we recommend visiting this external website we’ve chosen for you. South Asian Marriage, investigate fresh perspectives and supplementary data to deepen your knowledge of the topic.

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