Key Considerations When Submitting Your Music to Blogs

Key Considerations When Submitting Your Music to Blogs 2

Research the Blog First

Before sending your music to any blog, it is crucial to research and understand the type of music the blog promotes. Make sure your music aligns with the genre and style that the blog features. You can also check out some of the previous artists they have featured to get an understanding of what they are looking for. Make sure to comply with their submission guidelines to improve your chances of being featured.

Have Professional Quality

Prioritize the quality of your music when submitting to a blog, to give the best chance of being accepted by the bloggers. Make sure that there are no production errors in your tracks, as these can be the difference between being accepted, or rejected. Take some time to perfect your compositions, get feedback from several parties, and make amends to improve the overall quality of your music. After all, it is the quality that will impress others.

Only Submit Your Best Work

Showcase your best work to bloggers as it is your most polished work to impress them, so do not cut corners with presentation. Make sure that your music represents you as an artist at your best with the production, mixing, and mastering that you have put into it. You don’t want to be perceived as an average artist, make sure that your music stands out as genuinely exceptional. Although it can be tempting to submit as much as possible, quality over quantity is always a better approach.

Establish Communication with the Blogger

Always make sure to establish a good rapport with the blogger when communicating with them, which shows that you are genuinely interested. When sending music to a blog, make sure to write a personal note along with your music. Address the blog owner/editor by name and discuss why their blog is relevant to your music. Keep your message short and sweet, but personable and engaging. When the blogger responds positively, you gain a new friend in the music industry and potentially a fan.

Be Patient

Most bloggers receive a bunch of music submissions regularly, and they may take some time to provide feedback. Don’t get impatient if you do not receive a reply immediately or if a blog doesn’t feature your music. Be patient, persistent, and take it as an opportunity to improve the quality of your music and submission process. Continuous efforts to improve your music quality and engage with the bloggers will eventually pay off.


The music industry is a highly competitive field and submitting your music to the right blogs can help you get the much-needed exposure. Make sure you do your research, follow submission guidelines, and show off your best compositions. Communicate with bloggers in a personalized manner and be patient. In the end, it’s all about presenting your music to the world in the best possible way. We’re committed to providing an enriching learning experience. That’s why we suggest this external website with extra and relevant information about the subject. Create digital music, explore and expand your knowledge!

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