Celebrating Father’s Day in Boston: Activities and Deals to Consider

Brewery Tours

What better way to bond with Dad than sharing some quality time over cold beers? Boston offers a variety of breweries to choose from, such as Samuel Adams, Trillium Brewing Company, and Harpoon Brewery. Many of them offer guided tours that allow you to learn about the beer-making process and sample their best brews. Some breweries are also kid-friendly, so feel free to bring the little ones along if you’d like to make it a family affair. Don’t forget to check out the deals offered during Father’s Day weekend, as some may come with special packages or discounts.

Boat Tours

For the fathers who enjoy some water adventures, Boston offers excellent boat tours to explore the city’s beautiful scenery from different angles. Whether you’re sailing on a tall ship, a speedboat, or a whale-watching tour, you’re always guaranteed to have a memorable experience. Some popular choices are Boston Harbor Cruises, Classic Harbor Line, and Odyssey Cruises. Ticket prices may vary, but you can often find some good deals on Groupon or LivingSocial during the holiday weekend.

Virtual Game Room

If your dad is a gamer or you simply want to try something different, consider booking a virtual game room. Boston’s “Boda Borg” offers a range of exciting challenges that are a mix of physical and mental activities. Perfect for creating family memories and a fun bonding experience, this activity is an excellent choice for those looking for a unique twist on Father’s Day. Booking in advance and checking their promotions offered during this special weekend will assure your slot in this activity.

Discounted Golf

Golf courses can be quite expensive, but they often offer deals when bookings are made during Father’s Day. Boston offers a wide range of golf courses to choose from, depending on the level of your game and preferences. Francis J. Ouimet Memorial Golf Course, George Wright Golf Course, and Granite Links Golf Club are some of the options to consider. Not only do they offer discounts, but you can spice up your day by treating Dad to a clubhouse lunch or laying back at their scenic courses.

Brunch and Dinner Deals

Boston restaurants often offer special Father’s Day brunch and dinner deals where you can indulge in some fantastic food and drinks. An excellent way to appreciate a foodie dad and cherish Mother’s Day’s success in ensuring gender equity over in celebrating such events. Some of the top Boston spots include Beehive, The Capital Grille, and The Kinsale Irish Pub & Restaurant. Make sure to book ahead for a better chance at getting a table at the venue of your choice. Be in the lookout for promotions that are ongoing to get more value while enjoying the foods when celebrating Father’s Day with your Dad.

Boston offers various options to make this special day worth cherishing. You can select from the activities mentioned above and get the best value with the deals offered during Father’s Day weekend. Remember to spend quality time with your Dad and talk to him as you bring back the memories when you were young. Always appreciate your father and show your love towards him not only this holiday but in every possible moment you can. Access this recommended external website to discover extra and complementary information about the topic covered. We’re committed to providing an enriching educational experience. things to do in Boston this weekend https://www.localite.com!

Celebrating Father's Day in Boston: Activities and Deals to Consider 2

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